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in WINDOWS - 03 Apr, 2014
by admin - one comment

Seems weird! Isn’t it?Its actually possible to create nameless files in Windows.I’ve successfully tried this trick in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.Following are the steps required to pull off this nice piece of trick. 1. Select any file you wish. 2. Right-click the file and click Rename or just press the F2 key torename it. [...]

in WINDOWS - 28 Mar, 2014
by admin - 2 comments

FYI I think some virus when they attack your system may remove your Folder Option menu and i think you can recover it back through this, just try. ¬†Always take a backup before editing any major files because sometimes we might need a rollback. Tested with Windows XP pro, and I’m not sure whether this [...]

in Tips - 16 Oct, 2013
by admin - no comments

There are many users that faces these kind of issues. Either they forgot to update the password or they are not aware of that and one day suddenly the system shows that their password has been expired. There are mainly 2 solutions for this issue. First is a pretty straight forward one where if you [...]

in Tools - 22 Sep, 2012
by admin - no comments

Whenever i go to Add/Remove programs i can see a list of entries that consists of installed software’s. In that lot many are not getting removed as it is showing MSI installer error or something related. Why The Software Lists Are Not Getting Removed? It is because i have not uninstalled the software properly using [...]

in Tools - 02 Jul, 2012
by admin - no comments

This is the alert that pop up when we are trying to disable the LAN network in windows xp It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection maybe using one or more protocols that do not support Plug and play, or it may have been initiated by another user or [...]

in Batch Script - 08 Sep, 2011
by admin - no comments

Batch script to check whether a particular entry exist or not and update the file.We are taking backup of the original file and then editing it. Here we are editing the file and updating it accordingly. Incoming search terms:aduzova@tobbetuhastanesi com tr loc:US (2)sbaysun@tobbetuhastanesi com tr loc:US (2)aaltan@tobbetuhastanesi com tr loc:US (1)tsipahi@tobbetuhastanesi com tr loc:US (1)syuksel@tobbetuhastanesi [...]

in WINDOWS - 12 Aug, 2011
by admin - no comments

Hello Guys, This is a much asked question for the windows xp users on how to configure wifi hotspot on their operating system. Its very easy to configure the same on windows 7 or even software’s are available for the windows 7 OS to automatically configure the wifi hotspot. Here we are manually going to [...]

in WINDOWS - 10 Jul, 2010
by admin - no comments

I logged into vista today on my laptop, it booted up fine and the login screen was also fine.But instead of the Desktop screen there was just my documents folder and it was open. I am able to access every thing on my laptop apart from the start menu because there is no task bar [...]

in WINDOWS - 05 Aug, 2009
by admin - no comments

You are clearing all the junk on your hard disk. Shift+Del. Shift+Del. Shift+Del. Oops you just deleted that most important file. Now if you have google desktop search installed you may get back your data. Search for the file name, say “veryimportant.doc” and sort by relevence. Your file must be visble. Next to the description [...]

in WINDOWS - 08 Feb, 2009
by admin - no comments

Some shortcuts that can be used while you are using Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer Shortcuts: CTRL+A – Select all items on the current page CTRL+D – Add the current page to your Favorites CTRL+E – Open the Search bar CTRL+F – Find on this page CTRL+H – Open the History bar CTRL+I – Open the [...]

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