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in Ajax - 24 Apr, 2012
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Simple and effective script to build a tag cloud for your website. Here we use PHP, Ajax and MYSQL. Tagging is now becoming an unavoidable area in website building and if you have a built in code like the one you are about to see, then it will be easy for a developer to integrate [...]

in Ajax - 13 Mar, 2012
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This script is written in PHP. AJAX and Some CSS script for adding an elegant look. Here we are not using any Database in the backend. Everything is displayed from the Array of data we have inside php.This is a very useful script for your website. The php script will look like this, Here i [...]

in Ajax - 02 Mar, 2012
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This is a simple script that will automatically display suggestions near the input box when the user start typing words/letters similar to that inside a database/text file/xml. Here i am using mysql as my back end data provider. For this i am also getting some data from wordpress. I am displaying the wordpress tags as [...]

in Css - 29 Feb, 2012
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This is a simple css script that will create shadow from images. This is just a clean css class and you can call it from the image html tag using the class switch. Here is how it looks, there is no need of any complex scripts here. This can also be called using the below [...]

in Apache - 21 May, 2011
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A Simple Method To Create Custom Error Pages The first use of the .htaccess file which I will cover is custom error pages. These will allow you to have your own, personal error pages (for example when a file is not found) instead of using your host’s error pages or having no page. This will [...]

in Html - 20 Feb, 2011
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This is a very simple information box which will have an array of text. This is displayed as a slide show.Check this out. DOWNLOAD THE JS part from here Javascript Download And this is our HTML DEMO Incoming search terms:auto text slider (36)javascript information box (28)jquery automatic text slider (18)text auto slider (18)javascript text slide [...]

in Css - 19 Feb, 2011
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Very simple and stylish looking standard horizontal dropdown menus using CSS. This is the CSS part The HTML part DEMO Incoming search terms:css horizontal drop down menu (41)stylish horizontal css menu (32)stylish drop down menu css (21)horizontal dropdown menu (15)horizontal drop down menu css (11)css horizontal drop down menu tutorial (10)stylish css drop down menu [...]

in Html - 05 Jan, 2011
by admin - 8 comments

Here is a  simple script for creating calendar on webpages DEMO Incoming search terms:simple calendar using javascript (17)liver inurl:/addlink html (12)price inurl:/addlink html (12)addlink php (10)simple calendar javascript (4)ie 9 error message in webpage (1)java script calendar ie10 (1)

in Css - 17 Nov, 2010
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Simple page flip effect using Jquery, css and simple html, very easy to implement just copy paste the code below This is the javascript part enter it inside the … section of your website. Now add the required style Now last but not least our HTML part DEMO Incoming search terms:page flip jquery (247)jquery page [...]

in Html - 01 Sep, 2010
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This is a very simple example where we can have single and multiple selection list box without the help of JAVASCRIPT, we are using only HTML, here is the code. Here we are just using the option MULTIPLE Incoming search terms:multiple selection listbox (13)html listbox single select (9)php listbox example (3)html single select list (3)listbox [...]

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