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Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 02:08 pm

Hello Everyone, I (anonymous) ๐Ÿ˜› run this website (Mistonline.in) . This is one of the oldest technology site, launched on January of 2008. It was started with one aim in mind, share knowledge with others. Most of the scripts posted in this website are born when I try to work on different projects. One man army who deploys/maintains/updates server resources and tutorials

Given that now a days there are millions of website available in the internet that has similar contents bringing in unique experience is my motto. I also believe in fundamentals and core concepts. It is the building block. That literally means if you know the basics and WHAT your requirement is, the logic can be easily converted in any programming language. So in most of my tutorials you will notice similar approach. I have tried my best to share scripts written without much complexity and most of them are very easily customizable. This gives a lot of comfort space / flexibility for my visitors to utilize my scripts according to their own use cases.

I am being honest here, between Sept of 2016 and Dec of 2021 there was not much activity within website, Now I am back (2022 New Year resolution to keep the website constantly updated ๐Ÿ™‚ ) . In my tutorials I sometimes refer to “we” instead of “I”, that basically means you and me we all together.

Beginning of the year 2022 I have done some aggressive revamp / rework of most of my tutorials posted especially because a lot of new programming language versions were released in the interim and some functions / approach has been depreciated by the respective programming language / browsers etc.,. I am sure there are still couple of tutorials that need some review, will be doing that in the coming days.

Last but not the least I thank each and everyone of you for your time spend on this site. I hope you got to learn something new from my tutorials.

Other Websites I own

  • Theopsmind.com
  • Devopsfaktory.com

Latest Updates

I have disabled Comments and Rating system to fix some backend issues with one of our server. Limited availability depending on the location you access our website. It will be enabled soon for all locations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the mean time if you have any questions send an email to [email protected]

ETA to fix the intermittent comments / form submission issue Jan 8 2023