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In this tutorial let us try to add apache handlers through CPANEL.

To add an Apache handler:

  1. Click on the Apache handlers button on the home page.
  2. Enter the file extension in the Extension(s) field. You need to add the . before the extension name.
  3. Enter the Apache handler in the Handler field.
  4. Click on the Add button.

For example if you want to add a file with extension .tom

All you have to do is type .TOM extension in the Extension(s) field and type application/x-httpd-php in the HANDLER field . Then press Add button.

If you are using php version 5 or version 7 then try adding application/x-httpd-php5 or application/x-httpd-php7. Basically replacing the number after x-httpd-php with the version of your PHP.

Assuming that your index file has index.tom extention, type on the browser

and you will get your php scripts inside this file compiled successfully.

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