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Ajax Jquery example

This is a simple script which uses JQUERY to easily collect data from another webpage using asynchronous data collection method [AJAX].
Here the page loads another content without reloading the entire webpage. It loads data in to a div tag using AJAX.
Here is the script, rssreader.php is the PHP page I am calling to display the content. You should have your own web page to be called during the setup.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
<a href="#">Get The Content</a>
<div id="data_call_display"><h2>Ajax Content Loads Here</h2></div>
<div id="data_loading" style="display:none;width:69px;height:89px;border:0px solid black;position:absolute;top:50%;left:45%;padding:2px;"><br /><img src="loading.gif"/></div>


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2 thoughts on “Ajax Jquery example”
  1. hi want to do zoomin zoomout when mouse over image control in ajax how to do this Or in odinary coding c#

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