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Enable curl xampp windows

CURL is a library created by Daniel Stenberg, which allows you to connect and communicate with many different types of servers through various protocols. libcurl currently supports the http, https, ftp, gopher, telnet, dict, file, and ldap protocols. libcurl also supports HTTPS certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading (this can also be done with PHP’s ftp extension), HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, and user+password authentication.
First in this post i will tell you how to configure xampp for cUrl on Windows.

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C:\Program Files\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini

Open it in your favorite text editor either NOTEPAD or NOTEPAD++

Always take backup.

uncomment extension=php_curl.dll

Save the file and restart Apache, finished.
Curl is built into xampp already, has been for a long time, You don’t have to download anything else from the internet. Read the xampp info for more details.
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  1. Wow this what i have found is great! Until now i have pay for this service! but not anymore i have foind this blog
    and followed steps as it is described.

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