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Hi Visitors,

Two days before i experienced a 500 intenal server error while posting topics and editing my existing topics.I was really disappointed to see that coz if i am unable to post a new topic there is no use in retaining this website, i have to shut it down 🙁  . So after a day long research and googling i found out the issue.I will figure out one by one the culprits that are responsible for this particular error.

  1. Check your error logs there you will find some hints for the error.
  2. If you have enabled .htaccess then he is the first one.Move it some where and try again.
  3. If there is a plugin activated named WP Super Cache then disable that plugin and try again.Or clear the cache and try.
  4. If these are not rectifying the issue then create a custom php.ini config file inside /wp-content directory and insert inside the file memory=20MB within double quotes. This is being done because sometimes php wont find enough memory to process your request.So give the memory it needs.
  5. Some times the themes you use also support this error.So try to change the theme and test it.

If none of these works. Try deactivating plugins one by one and try or just rename the plugin directory that will deactivate all plugins at once.These are the findings i made.If you have any suggestions please update.Thanks bALu

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[Total: 7 Average: 4.1]
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