How Bom Sabado virus affected orkut users profile and its fix or solution

When any one open page that is infected by this worm. A JavaScript will run automatically. Your browser will be hanged for some minutes on seconds. That script will automatically join you his communities. here you can see links of these communities.
After joining communities it will send scrap to your friends with text “Bom Sabado!” with a iFrame code which load that JavaScript again for your friends and they will join communities and send links to their friends.
With scrap “Bom Sabado!” it loads a small iFrame code.
Please find the find the Source of scrap below
Bom Sabado!
It load JavaScript from ((http//
Solution for now
Delete your cookies.
Change your password.
However, if you are already affected, you can get rid of this using the following steps. (This is applicable only for Firefox users. If you are using any other browser, see below):
Download AdBlock Plus add-on for Firefox and install it.

Restart the browser to enable AdBlock.

You will see a red icon with ABP on the right hand side of the search box in Firefox.
Click Add and enter the URL above
Now you can safely open orkut.
You may have to remove yourself from the communities added by the worm,
Note: The “Old Orkut” users are not affected by this worm, and are safe.
If you are not using Firefox, then you can follow the following steps:
Update: The website is down now. Orkut is beautiful, again

If you have a browser other than firefox, or to ensure that site won’t get accessed by any other way, you can edit hosts file and adding the following lines:

hosts file is found in:
C:\Windows\ – Windows 95, 98, Me
C:\WinNT\system32\drivers\etc\ – Windows NT, 2000, XP Pro
C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\ – Windows XP Home, Vista, 7
/etc/ – Linux

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