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How To Avoid 404 Error !

1. Redirect on-site

I showed them how, instead of ever taking a page down, they should redirect the page to a main page of their site (or a page that displays a message saying “Sorry but this page is no longer updated. Please visit our homepage or contact us for more information”).

2. Redirect from the host

Another option is to check with your hosting company to see if they offer a 404 redirect. Then, when a user enters the URL of any page off your domain ( that doesn’t exist, they are automatically taken to a specified page, such as your index or home page. It’s the easiest way to ensure that a potential customer is never lost due to a page not being found.

3. Submit new pages to the search engines

Another good idea is to resubmit new pages to search engines for reindexing. Although it’s nice to inform visitors that a page they’re looking for no longer exists, it’s even better to have the new page with all the information the visitor wants appear when they perform a search.

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