Set xampp- Apache,Mysql, Filezilla, Mercury and Tomcat as a windows service and get xampp to start automatically on boot up.

For this first we need to install xampp on windows. Refer this LINK ON HOW TO INSTALL XAMPP or we have a set of tutorials related to xampp HERE.

Once we are done with the installation we need to go to the path where xampp is installed. Here in my system i have installed it on c:/xampp/xampp as shown below and double click on xampp-control.exe. You will get a similar screen as displayed.

Xampp Control Panel

Make sure you have stopped all the instances Apache,Mysql, Filezilla, Mercury and Tomcat and now click on the check box just parallel to each instace names under the header SVC.You can check the instances that you need to run as a service.Just see the below screenshot to understand more. Once you click you will get a dialogue box saying CLICK OK TO INSTALL APACHE AS SERVICE. Continue clicking OK and then go to your services window. You can do that by clicking on START -> RUN -> TYPE “services.msc” -> Click OK.
You can see APACHE 2.2 or similar in the window.

Xampp Control Panel

Thats it you are done. Now APACHE is part of your window service and it will start during boot up automatically. Similarly you can do for Mysql, Filezilla, Mercury and Tomcat.

For uninstalling just uncheck the required boxes and the service will get automatically unistalled.

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