Perl cookie example

Last updated on November 18th, 2015 at 03:37 amBelow is the valid parameters that can be used when a cookie is being called using perl script, Below you will find how to use perl cookie with example. -domain a partial or complete domain name for which the cookie is valid. Like ‘’ for the entire […]

How to get current date and time using perl

Last updated on February 17th, 2022 at 07:11 pmThis is one of the perfect way of displaying respective server date and time using Perl. We are making use of sprintf and localtime. There are multiple methods to get date but here I am following the simplest one available to get current date using perl. We […]

Redirect to another page using Perl

Last updated on February 17th, 2022 at 06:59 pmSometimes there will be a requirement for websites to redirect users to different location. For example in case of a perl application, once authenticated if the user belongs to a specific group then that user can be redirected to concerned dashboard using this perl functionality. Here is […]

How to find file size using perl

Last updated on August 6th, 2022 at 05:07 pmFind the size of a file using perl and display it in KB (Kilo Bytes). You need to provide the name of the file which the size needs to be checked as an argument and the script will return it size accordingly in Bytes and Kilo Byte(KB). […]