working with directories using php


working with directories using php

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  1. thanks, i’ll try it. Question? what are the codes to loop from drive until the last folder and subfolder.. and How could i get the id of a file..

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  2. admin says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for your response.

    Display list of files within current and subdirectories (recursively) showing

    < ?php // grab a full file listing from the current and sub directories and show them as anchored //(linked) files. // pull a full file listing - requires the Unix 'find' and 'sort commands. 'find' will retrieve a //list of all files from the current directory, 'sort' will sort the listing, and 'explode' will split //all files into an array passed into $filelist. $filelist = explode("\n",`find .|sort`); // for each item (file) in the array... for ($count=0;$count%s

    // otherwise tell the user it’s a “category”

    else printf(“

    Category: %s


    I think this will help you.

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