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This is a very simple script that display text or quotes randomly when user refresh page. Steps to write the code involves,

  • Defining quotes or texts inside an array first
  • Depending on the size of the array use rand() function
  • Display it using echo command

Here is the complete PHP script

$quote = array( 
1  => "Text To Display 1", 
2  => "Text To Display 2", 
3  => "It Works Display 3", 
4  => "The Next Display 4", 
5  => "Again Display 5", 
6 => "Visit For All Kind Of Tutorials Display 6" 
$randnum = rand(1,6); 
echo "<div id='random' style='border:solid 1px; padding:5px; margin:5px;'>Random Quote - <b>$quote[$randnum]</b></div>";  

As you can see I have 6 elements in the array and using rand(1,6) I can display it.

Now if you want to just define the array and dynamically add the max number instead of manually adding 6 in rand(1,6) just use this

$num = count($quote);
$randnum = rand(1,$num);

Here we are counting the number of elements in the array using count() thereby dropping the need of adding the maximum number inside the rand()


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