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WAR (Web Archive) is a module that goes into web container of Java EE application server. A Java EE application server has two containers (run time environments) – one is a web container and the other is a EJB container

This is on Windows OS.

The Web container hosts web applications based on JSP/Servlets API – designed specifically for web request handling – more of request/response distributed computing. Web container requires the web module to be packaged in WAR file that is special JAR file with web.xml file in WEB-INF folder

Usually there is a JAR utility which will help us to create a WAR file Or you can even use eclipse or other IDE for creating WAR files but what you can do when you do not have a tool to create the file.
Here comes 7zip to the rescue. I think other compression software’s like winrar and winzip also help us to create WAR files but i personally have not tested them.

Here is the rule. First create META-INF file along with folder if you do not have that.
When creating the WAR file select all the files you require then > Right Click > Select 7zip > Archive Files
When the tool ask you to enter the name, Rename the file extension to .war instead of [7ZIP or rar or zip]

Open the .WAR file that you have just created using 7zip and see the list of files and folders
Now make sure that
The manifest folder[META-INF] often needs to be first in the list of files.

If so then you are ready to deploy the files in Jboss. Just copy the WAR file to the deploy directory of Jboss.
Load the url 🙂

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