Setting up FileZilla Server

Download the binaries here
Once again, run through the installation process, accepting all the default settings. When you’re done, Filezilla Server should launch, and you’ll have a status window / control panel that looks like this:

Now you need to set up at least one user. Start by clicking “Edit > Users.”

At a minimum, you need to:

Enable the account
Set a password (well, you COULD skip this, but don’t)
Click on “shared folders” to the left and add at least one folder that this user will have access to, as well as what type of access: read-only, write, etc. A developer will probably need full access to the web root folder.

You can tweak all kinds of other settings, like connection timeout and bandwidth limits, etc etc, but this takes care of the basic setup.

As long as the machine this is running on is online and doesn’t have port 21 blocked in its firewall, you should be able to get on another computer, open an FTP client, put in your new server’s IP address and the username and password you just created in Filezilla Server, and connect. You should see the folder you gave that user access to.

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