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Hi guys, here is a simple script which shows how to add a webpage to the favorites or bookmarking option of your browser both IE [Internet Explorer] and Firefox [FF].Very easy to install, just copy and paste on the page you want this option to be added.Enjoy!!!

<title>Bookmark Page</title>
<script language="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript">
function bookmark() {
title = ", The world of tutorials, scripts and technology";
url = "";
if (window.sidebar) {
// Mozilla
alert("You are using FireFox!");
//window.sidebar.addPanel(title, url,"");
alert("Script from");
} else if( window.external ) {
// IE Favorite
alert("You are using IE");
window.external.AddFavorite( url, title);
alert("Script from");}
else if(window.opera && window.print) {
// Opera
return true;
alert("Script from");}

<a href="javascript:bookmark();">Add Me</a>

window.sidebar.addPanel function has bee removed from the latest Firefox. Due to abuse of bookmarks all browsers have dropped this functionality and it may no longer work in any new browsers. Just leaving this script as is for reference.

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