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in Others - 21 Mar, 2014
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Search is Google’s core business and it’s very cautious with every new feature it has plans of rolling out. These are tested amongst a few users until they are given a green signal for the full roll out. Google is out testing a new feature for its search that enables users to decide what amount [...]

in PHP - 21 Mar, 2014
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Hello, here is a simple yet powerful script that allows webmasters to force the users download some files with the dialog box ,Do you want to open or save the file. just copy paste the script below. DEMO Thanks Guys

in cUrl - 20 Mar, 2014
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This script helps us to check whether a URL exist or not by checking the header details.Here we are also displaying the output of the URL header details for further reference. Sample output

in PHP - 20 Mar, 2014
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Read text file reverse using php Demo

in Java Interview Questions - 19 Mar, 2014
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Language Fundamentals How many number of non-public class definitions can a source file have A source file can contain unlimited number of non-public class definitions List primitive data types, there size and there range (min, max) Data Type Bytes bits min max boolean – 1 – - char 2 16 0 2^16-1 byte 1 8 [...]

in JavaScripts - 19 Mar, 2014
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If you know some javascript and some HTML then you can go forward….Those who need explanations plz feel free to contact me

in Apache - 18 Mar, 2014
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Common command suffixes At the end of many lines you will see a suffix within square brackets. These instructions modify the main command of that line.[301]    = permanent redirect[302]    = temporary redirect[NC]    = no case (ignore upper / lower case)[L]    = last – if this direction is met, then quitA redirect should always be a [...]

in Antivirus - 18 Mar, 2014
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It is awesome.Less load compared to other softwares.   Latest Release :BitDefender Antivirus 2009 Manufacturer: SOFTWIN Version: 2009     Overall Rating   Ease of Use   Effectiveness   Updates   Feature Set   Ease of Installation   Help/Support Best antivirus available in stores BITDEFENDER Overview For those seeking the best antivirus software for the [...]

in Css - 17 Mar, 2014
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This is a quick tip on how to center a webpage completely using CSS and HTML. Here we are using div tag for centering the entire content inside webpage. Add this CSS code just inside the body tag Create an html file and put all the above code together. Sample below This script is compatible [...]

in Wordpress Tips - 17 Mar, 2014
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Today i was upgrading one of my website from WordPress version 2.7 to Version 3.0.1 and was trying to do this from my Admin Console since it is very easy. But today was a lazy day for me that i didnt even bother to take my DB backup, WHY? because last time i have done [...]

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